When visiting my family in Tiburon California, the Narez family reached out to me to take their family photos with the two twins still at home. Ive known them as long as the twins have been alive and was best friends with their older daughter, so it was such a great experience getting to photograph them! I was actually there for their last family photoshoot years before when all four kids still lived at home, so it was so fun being the photographer to capture them this time!

We laughed, trudged through the mud, listened to the football game on the radio in between locations, and finished the night eating a delicious dinner together.

It was so great being able to have this time to actually talk about them; ask them questions I realized I had never asked them before!

Turns out that when they got pregnant with the twins, they actually were told by the doctor for 3 months that they were only having one baby; then at their ultrasound the technician had “baby A” and “baby B” on the screen. Dad kept wondering why they were comparing details with someone else’s baby, and Mom just still couldn’t believe she was actually pregnant. After a few confusing conversations, and lots of jokes on Dad’s part, the technician said, “Wait; you know your having twins for real, right?” Mom proceeds to go into shock while Dad and the oldest daughter dance around the room in sheer happiness LOL.

I haven’t lived around them for about four years now, so it was so fun seeing how the kids have grown up. Jazz used to love me when she was a baby and toddler (there were so many times when she was glued to my side!) and now she was a bit more interested in hanging out with my husband Greg than me 😉 haha. (They bonded over Mario Cart and other games that Im not cool enough to know about).

And Lex; he has the biggest personality. Loves his sister, and isn’t afraid to show it. Fully admits she’s his best friend, and told me “theres three ingredients that go into doing my hair: One, a spray bottle. Two, a comb. And Three, gel.”

Its so very special to capture a family and learn so much about them and the love they share for each other!





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