How many of us are guilty of doing the whole “excuses” thing as soon as someone enters our home? Maybe someone comes over for dinner and we are full of “disclaimers” for all the things we aren’t happy with in our meal we cooked for our guests, or “we’re in the middle of decorating right now!” etc etc.. I know I am guilty of this, and it was made evident when I was invited into the Wallden home to take photos of their adorable little family after their newest arrival of baby girl.

They were tired parents of one toddler and a new little baby, and just owned it. No perfectionistic comments, no worrying that I was judging how perfectly organized or clean their home was or wasn’t, no apologies if their two year old wouldn’t sit still for photos: it was so refreshing.

Their little family was perfect! Full of love, fun, adoration for their newest addition.

They really reminded me that life and family is meant to be enjoyed in full. I want to be like them when I have kids one day!

One more cute tidbit: As she was holding her little daughter she said “I thought I would be totally good with two kids, but she gives me baby fever just looking at her, she’s so perfect!” (cue heart eyes)

Give me all the laid-back, loving families please 🙂


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