I am so glad that Chelsea found me on a random post I did a while back on Facebook, and trusted me enough to hire me to capture her and her precious baby boy.

I had the BEST time with them; we laughed, “hiked” to a waterfall, threw rocks, told stories, danced (well they did) and basically just hung out in a beautiful landscape for an hour.

I felt so… refreshed after their shoot.

I had been feeling down and stressed and overwhelmed with my photography, letting social media comparisons (among other self-detrimental things) take away my joy and make me feel unconfident and stressed out; “Should I even be doing photography as a job? Am I doing this all wrong?”

Then, I drove home with the hugest smile on my face and couldn’t WAIT to edit these photos. Thank you Chelsea and Pierce for reminding me that this is what I LOVE doing, and that Im actually pretty good at it (lol! hard for me to even say that).

Capturing love is what Im all about.

In just a few photos you can see: the intense love between mama and son, his love of poles (haha) and throwing rocks and collecting little pinecone “bugs” to show his mama, how he puts his little hand on his knee when he bends over, how his tongue sticks out when he’s concentrating.  You can practically hear his little (big) laugh, and you can see him climbing anything in sight, and you can see how comfortable he is with new people (I held his hand once to help him walk up something steep, and then he didn’t want to go anywhere without holding me hand! ).

These photos are what help you remember all the little things about the wonderful stage your little side-kick is in at this specific moment in time. What is better?


p.s. I love my clients, genuinely! thank you for being rad <3


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