For as long as I can remember, I have loved photos so much, and to be able to turn that passion into my career and capture intimate weddings and elopements is so amazing and something I am truly so thankful for! I love documenting our own day to day life with my husband and 1 year old girl and think everyone deserves to have their lives captured in a timeless way that makes them remember the little details and the also the biggest moments of their lives for years and years! I love using nature and creating beautiful “art” pieces with the couples in them to print for their walls, while also capturing the littlest of details that they would never want to forget, or may have missed altogether if it wasn’t for that photo to freeze it in time!

I specialize in capturing  Couples but love to occasionally capture the bond between a sweet family as well!

When it comes down to it, I am a people person through and through.

I love capturing all of the weird, unique, interesting and mundane parts that make up a person, and a relationship! I am passionate, overly enthusiastic about the small details in life, and if I see a beautiful landscape I immediately picture how a couple would fit into it!

I’ve always loved art, going through many different phases and different mediums of expressing myself for as long as I can remember (sorry to all of my teachers growing up for the endless doodles on every sheet of school work I touched). It wasn’t until I was 9 and picked up my dad’s new DSLR that I fell in LOVE with photography. With drawing, I could express myself. With photography though; I found I could capture a genuine moment in someone else’s lives as seen THROUGH my eyes. With photography I could express WHO someone is, the little details that make them up, and by putting my own self into the images, I could capture genuine emotion.

Photographing the connection between people is what I am passionate about. I love capturing the genuine moments that make up a life; whether that be a typical day spent at home as a family, or the amazing yet fleeting moments of your wedding day. I want to capture the candid, the messy, the in-between, the tears, the nose crinkles. I want you to be able to hear the belly laughs by looking at an image! Real, emotional moments are what really get me. My personal favourite days are the ones spent with my little family and loved ones, in nature, doing something we love, really being present in the moment, and laughing until my cheeks hurt. I think it’s the simple things that are worth being captured. What can bring you back to a specific memory in time so clearly as a photograph?

I’m all about natural light, an image that tells a story, traveling and re-experiencing life through the eyes of my baby girl, singing and songwriting with my husband, surfing, eating new foods… I’m not about stiff, posed, emotionless, flat images because those are NOT fun to be in OR to photograph!

If you want someone to tell your story but also keep you having fun and feeling like yourself, my main goal is to keep it fun and chill!

Since Im obsessed with photos, get to know my lil fam!: