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If you want more info or have an idea for a session or a collaboration, reach out to me below!

Getting to really know my clients is very important to me, and I only book clients that I know truly are looking for the skillsets and passions that I specifically offer (’cause there are so many amazing photographers out there, I truly believe everyone can have an awesome fit with a photographer who can carry out their dream!). For this reason, please fill out the form below so I can start to get an idea for who you (and your fiancee, family etc.) are! Don’t hold back, show me your weird and unique ;).

The more details you can give me: the better!

p.s. I am located in the Fraser Valley, B.C. Canada but always interested in traveling! (discounted travel rates to Baja Mexico; in and around Orange County, New York;  Tiburon or Sonoma County, California; and Lafayette, Arkansas  😉 ).