I wish you could have seen the adorable giddy excitement on her face as we rode up the mountain in our gondola, and his equally sweet look of adoration he gave her all day.

They came all the way from northern California to beautiful B.C. for their elopement because she has always loved Canada (as a fellow cali girl: I can’t blame her! The mountains, the water, the greenery….) and she wanted to share that with her husband to be :).

We met up with them and took a few photos in downtown Vancouver and then headed up the scenic drive to the Sea to Sky gondola in Squamish, where the marriage commissioner joined us.

The gondola ride up was so beautiful, and when we reached the top the sky was thick with fog. We walked across the suspension bridge and they did their vows in the clouds! It started to down-pour as soon as the  small ceremony started, and my ashistant (my good bud Ashtyn, who got some amazingggg shots on her first time second shooting with me!) and I were trying to keep our laughter quiet as we pulled our scarves over our heads and cameras and wiped the water off our faces and cameras whenever we could.

After that we went and warmed up in the lodge with some warm drinks and Ash and I signed as their witnesses! Shannel called her hilarious grandpa and told them they were officially married.

When we went back outside the view took our breath away: the clouds completely cleared in the distance, and just over the suspension bridge you could just see the snow-capped mountains peaking out from behind the heavy fog! **Cue more giddy excitement from Shannel**

We ran around looking at the various viewing platforms and then eventually rode back down the gondola as the sky gave us a beautiful rainbow!

We ended the night eating a delicious dinner back in Vancouver, sharing stories about our europe travels and laughing our heads off.

Thanks to them for inviting us to join in on their special, beautiful and adventurous day 🙂






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