A special, tearful “first look” between the bride and her soon-to-be father-in-law, who she had grown quite close to ever since his wife (the grooms mom) passed away under a year ago.

One emotional FaceTime call between the groom and his Auntie who wasn’t able to attend.

Two nieces showing off their flower girl dresses, and one Uncle Trevor twirling right around with them.

A first look between the bride and groom: they cried, she asked him to spin around for her to be able to check him out, she surprised him with a locket with a picture of his mama in it (more tears, and me trying to keep it together), him telling her over and over again how incredible she looks, lots of hugs, lots of kisses.

An intimate, outdoor ceremony of 50 of their closest friends and family members.

One adorable nephew as ring bearer, two precious nieces as flower girls, holding a sign that says “Uncle Trevor, Here Comes Your Bride”, with the other side that reads “And They Lived Happily Every After”.

One groom overwhelmed with happy emotion as his bride walked down the aisle towards him

Handwritten vows read to each other: the groom not being able to read it because theres too many tears, so the marriage commissioner has to take over.

A first kiss that made me so proud I had to fight the urge to yell “YES TREVOR! That is how you kiss your bride!!!” (most epic dip Ive ever seen).

Every one of the guests getting up to hug and congratulate them after the ceremony.

Face kisses till she had goosebumps in a 5 acre “secret garden” that an older gentlemen has planted and kept up with for years, all in honour of his late sweetheart wife, for everyone to enjoy.

Twirls, giggles, snuggles, forehead kisses and lots of happy smiles in a blueberry field.

A barefoot bride being carefully led by her new husband along boulders and streams, and a mini waterfall (and a twirl where they almost fell in 😉 ).

This is their love story.




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June 16, 2017
This made me tear up! So beautiful dev, your amazing xo
Pam Biero
June 17, 2017
OMG! These are such beautiful memories. I fell like I was there. It looks like a very special day for all involved. Congrats Trevor and Kaeleigh . Love Great Aunt Pam and Uncle Stan.
June 17, 2017
These are amazing pictures! As sad as I am that i couldn't make it....these capture so much, I cried. Love these two to pieces! Beautiful pictures!