If you knew Laura, you knew of her huge love of kids. If there was a baby around, it was probably in her arms! If you knew Jayden, you knew he would make a great dad, taking his kids fishing, hunting, camping, etc.. When we found out they were pregnant we were so excited for them, and Im so happy I was able to capture their whole experience for them!

Jayden and Laura convinced us to move to Mission B.C. Canada and Greg and I are so so happy we did. Not only are they family to us, but now they’ve become some of our best friends, and to be able to capture the love they share for their new baby is something so special to me!

Birth announcement photos, belly progress photos each month, maternity photos, birth photos, and an in-home newborn session made for some beautiful moments that Im excited to share.

And what a perfect little bump!

p.s. scroll to the bottom to see their announcement photos!


Their birth announcement photos:

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