Allysha was one of my first friends when I first moved to British Columbia, Canada. She took me to her local favorite British tea house, and we talked, laughed, and bonded over our mutual love of tea, travel, and babies!

A few months went by and she surprised me with the exciting news: she found out she was pregnant! They asked me to take a few photos for them for their pregnancy announcement, and I just loved watching how giddy and happy they were together. We scored with a golden sunny evening!

Fast forward to 7 months later and I was honoured enough to take their maternity photos! We took some photos of them in their home together, and then fluked out yet again with a perfectly golden, sunny evening in the snow (thanks to Mission’s crazy and unprecedented snow falls this winter), sipping tea and hot cocoa and laughing our heads off.

The easy way they laugh together, the loving care Colton takes with Allysha, and the way their eyes light up every time they talk about their baby boy all assures me: They are going to make for one happy (and extremely good looking) little family :).

So happy for you three, and I cant wait to meet your little boy!

p.s. scroll to the bottom to see their original birth announcement photos 🙂




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