These two (three) have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER! They drove all the way out from White Rock to get these photos taken at a very special spot. We went to Mikki’s parents cabin on “her” lake in Chilliwack.

They danced in the very spot they got married at, but this time with a little baby bump.

They laughed their faces off, warmed each other up constantly (well Derrek had the help of his “Dad Jacket”) and they freaked out right along with me when we turned around from walking home to see the mountains being suddenly lit up like fire from the setting sun peeking in. Ahh!

I love these guys and it was such a blast getting to capture this special and exciting time for them. She rocks being pregnant might I add!

It was one of the coldest shoots Ive ever shot, so in between shots Mikki’s mom, our mutual bff Ashtyn, Derrek and I would huddle around Mikki to try to keep her warm (she was such a trooper but her teeth were literally uncontrollably chattering!! thank you Beautiful British Columbia haha).

Afterwards they snuggled up back in her childhood cabin, she had tea in her cat mug and we drank wine and hung out, planning our Hawaii trip of our dreams and laughing on repeat.

If I know one thing, its this: their sweet baby girl (which I since have met, and she is absolutely precious) will be obsessed with cats, laugh a ton and be really smart. (At least the cat thing. Its in her genes with these two).

Yayyyy for happy people who love each other. Photographing that combo is just a good ole time!

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