Joey + Kacie Part 2

Married 3 years

silly, music playin’, world wanderin’, exuberant, cat-lovin, steeped-tea sippin’ bestttt friends.

They are taking off on some travels soon so they wanted Greg and I to come over to Victoria, Vancouver Island and capture their silly love in their cute little house with their cute little cat (Maude) to document exactly who they are at 3 years of marriage.

We danced, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we listened to and played music, and we had an amazing weekend and a full day of running around taking photos. We had SO MUCH FUN with them! Also, I think my personality type belongs on Vancouver island? soooo Ill be back, haha.

I took so many photos I absolutely love of them just letting loose and having fun, that Im making this into a 2-part special 😉

loveeee exploring new places and taking photos with Greg. makes me so happy! (also, lol… I included a few behind-the-scenes of Greg hahaha comment if you find them hehehe)


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