A couple years ago Chloe was on a little road trip with a friend of hers to go to a friends party in Kelowna, and on the way they stopped and took a few photos at this gorgeous spot called Othello Tunnels in Hope. That night they got to the persons house where they were going to stay, and thats when Chloe met Dan.

Fast forward a couple years and we went back to that very spot but this time for their engagement photos! It was raining almost the whole time but that didn’t stop us from having a great time laughing and running around for a couple hours.

They are best friends and know how to have a good time and I LOVE their photos! I have had so many people ask to see more soooo heres a gigantic blog post LOL… I am so bad at narrowing down photos but in my defence I sent them 320 photos so I had a lot to choose from hehe 😉 hope you enjoy these lovebirds photos as much as I do!

p.s. I am always more than happy to drive and hike to amazing locations!

p.p.s. the photos at the end were taken on 2000 ISO in the dark haha: I can’t stop shooting even when its clearly too dark to see to walk back to the car lol


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