To be honest: I LOVE the snow. I was born in Idaho, but my family moved away when I was 4. We lived in a small town an hour north of San Francisco, California till I was 17, and then I travelled and spent most of the next 4 years in Mexico, AKA: very much NOT snowy environments. So, when I met my husband in Mexico, and then later moved with him back to B.C. Canada, I was so excited to live somewhere so beautiful, and be only an hour or two away from snow and snowboard mountains in the winter months. That alone felt exciting to me!

Then, this winter (my FIRST winter here) it dumped snow! Now while the greater majority of the town and lower mainland seemed to crawl into their hole of sadness, irritation, and utter hatred of the snow; I couldn’t be more excited.

Ive basically been as happy as a little kid who sees their first snow flake, and as excited as when I made my very first snowman.

To make it even better, we became great friends with Dane and Ashtyn who not only are extremely happy together, very good looking, and fun loving people, but they also share my love of the snow.

I loved taking this time to photograph and play in the snow with them! They are so cute and are genuinely best friends, so basically a dream to photograph. (Even though Dane probably was wishing I would stop taking photos so he could go skate on the frozen lake….) but! It was fun feeling as carefree as a kid again, playing in the snow with our buds.

p.s. floppy toques are always a good idea.

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